Thursday, June 30, 2011

Part 2: "This is Really About That"

I've been focusing, in the past weeks and since reading Weight Loss Apocalypse: Ending Superficial Solutions to Profound Problems, on bringing authenticity front and center in my life.  I read the manuscript three weeks prior to starting the HCG protocol.  Robin Woodall, author and creator of the Mind:Body Method advised me to start my HCG reading there, before continuing on to her technical and highly scientific HCG book, The Truth About HCG.  Good call!  Authenticity has become my new favorite word and the perfect lens through which to make decisions. 

As a result of my new-found awareness of and focus on being authentic, I have actually made huge structural changes to my professional life that have immensely reduced my stress level.  When I re-examined my life with authenticity (what am I doing this for?), some changes had to be made immediately.  Great changes, too!

Having infinitely lower stress makes it far easier now than it would have been previously to hear my hunger signals. Emotional hunger now has a much quieter voice.

The Goal: Total Authenticity.  My permanently smaller pants size will be just a by-product. 

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