Friday, June 10, 2011

Part 1: "This is Really About That"

A friend that I work with loves to say "This is really about that"—his favorite quote, because it is so true.  Peoples' reaction to things is almost never entirely about what they are reacting to.  There is always baggage to temper perspective.

For me, I would say that most times (initially anyway), "food is really about hunger".  However, once physical hunger passes, food ceases to be about hunger.  At that point, food is really about emotions

Robin Woodall, originator of the Mind:Body Method, and my guide through this process, talks often about the concept of "authenticity".  I read her manuscript titled Weight Loss Apocolyse: Ending Superficial Solutions to Profound Problems.  I really loved the concept of total authenticity, and have since actually made some major life decisions based on solely on whether or not they felt “authentic” to me.  And, wouldn’t you know…they have been really great decisions.

Total authenticity is the exact opposite of  “This is really about that”.  In addition to it's direct correlation to food and hunger (am I eating this because I'm hungry?), being authentic also demands making decisions based on what this is REALLY about.  By being authentic in all aspects of my life, it demands that my choices are made and circumstances arranged in such a way that I am entirely emotionally comfortable with them.  If I make authentic choices, then I will feel less emotional discomfort.  If I'm feeling less emotional discomfort—“none" is impossible, but I can absolutely minimize it by rearranging some factors that I do have control over—then  I won't eat to be made to feel happier. 

Now that I realize and have to admit that I do emotionally eat, I realize that without working on the "other stuff", I won't be equipped to maintain my HCG success.  This likely explains the people who gain their weight back after HCG protocol.  If I ignore the "other stuff"—inauthentic choices that leave me feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed or angry—I will eventually and inevitably slip into old patterns and eat out of instinct and emotional hunger.  If I can be authentic with my emotions, then my hunger signals will have a fighting chance at being heard.

My goal is no longer about weight loss.  My goal is to learn how to consistently make consuming food about hunger, not anything else.   

Hmmmm.  Mind:Body Method.  Great name.

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